Our Mission

College Unbound is a design for postsecondary education and an initiative of Big Picture Learning, a non-profit organization that has generated and sustained personalized learning environments for over 15 years.dlittky

College Unbound integrates students’ own purposes and visions for learning with the needs of their workplaces and communities. We seek to raise the quality and applicability of students’ education, to improve postsecondary student accessibility, graduation, and long-term success rates, and to build students as leaders in their professional and personal lives. Programs that use the College Unbound design are committed to peer-to-peer learning and shared, authentic assessment. They educate one student at a time in out-of-the-classroom settings and serve students who might not otherwise successfully achieve a higher education degree.

College Unbound is committed to:
• Deeply personalized education that fosters intellectual curiosity and improves the life of the student and the lives of those they touch.
• Pedagogy that honors the individual and demonstration of competencies over seat-time.
• Leadership in innovative practices that disrupt conventional higher education.

Check out this 3 minute video to learn about College Unbound’s philosophy.

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