Current Programs

No matter their location, all College Unbound programs share similar design elements:

They begin with students’ own interests and visions for their education. They set out individualized learning plans for each student, helping every learner decide how he/she will meet essential learning goals for graduation.

They integrate students’ learning around real-world work at a professional learning experience (a job or an internship). And, they assess students on what they demonstrate they can do–instead of through more traditional exams and tests.

College Unbound has developed a unique, integrated educational experience that can lead to a college degree at partnering institutions.  Southern New Hampshire offers the College Unbound curriculum to traditional –age college students.  Charter Oak State College, through its limited partnership,  offers a similar, but online, experience for adult students.

College Unbound and Charter Oak State College are working toward formalizing our contractual agreement related to the College Unbound in partnership with Charter Oak State College program.

Through the College Unbound in partnership with Charter Oak program, you will receive a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Individualized Studies or a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Liberal Studies, depending on how many liberal arts credits you transfer.

Concentration curriculum varies by student. You will work closely with your Academic Advisor and other staff to design a degree plan that will meet your personal and professional goals.

College Unbound @ SNHU launched in 2011 as a partnership with Southern New Hampshire University.
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