Welcome to College Unbound 

College Unbound helps students of all ages earn a bachelor’s degree that’s tailored to their personal interests and needs. As a College Unbound student, the core of your learning occurs through project-based work. You will develop and implement a project in your workplace, (a full or part time job you already have) or in an internship in a field you want to pursue.

From day one as a College Unbound student, your learning program will be about YOU.
We’ll guide you to build strength in areas you see as challenges, as well as build on the strengths and skills you already have.

The Application Process

As part of the application process, you’ll attend a series of workshops designed to facilitate a smooth transition into your first academic term. We’ll guide you through the financial aid process and help you obtain your academic transcripts. If you do not have the required 9 credits to enroll, our staff will assist you in finding the best ways for you to earn these credits. We’ll also help you complete the official application, and map out your personalized curriculum once you’re accepted. From inquiry to enrollment, College Unbound will guide you every step of way.

To apply to College Unbound

Contact Elaine for an application and more information:

Elaine Hackney

If you need help during the process, please call us: (401)752-2640

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