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College Unbound on Obama’s radar as innovative example

In the speech to kick-off his College Affordability Tour, President Obama praised Southern New Hampshire University for competency-based innovations such as College Unbound and College for America, which prepare students ...

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Online education isn’t revolutionary if the pedagogy is the same

The revolution in college learning these days seems to be online learning.  Every course is being put on line – many for free.  The problem is that many of the ...

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Student Debt Can Stop Education in its Tracks

One of the missions of College Unbound is to provide an opportunity to gain a Bachelor’s Degree for adult students who have been unsuccessful in other college settings. What happens ...


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Why come to a CU Open House?

Do you wonder how College Unbound could fit for you? Are you ...
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Student Snapshots

With their insights, talents, passion and personal growth, our students bring the ...
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Never Too Late to get a Degree

Innovative programs designed for the adult learner are popping up in several states. Like College Unbound, this North Carolina program is reaching out to adults that dropped out of college and is helping them return to the classroom to complete their degrees. See how other states are adopting this approach! 

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Great Quote from Einstein on Education!

This quote really captures part of the CU philosophy. Albert Einstein was a wise man!

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Achieving Success Through Failure

The Big 10 Lifelong Learning Competencies is a key component of the CU curriculum. Among the Big 10 is Resilience, in which students demonstrate flexibility and perseverance. In this inspirational video, several celebrities describe how they overcame failure and achieved their goals. Check it out! 

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Apprenticeship as Degree Path

Workplace learning is a critical component of the CU curriculum. We’re excited to see that other colleges value apprenticeships in the same way. Check it out!

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The Future of Higher Education: Infographic

Check out this infographic: The Future of Higher Education. What do you think? Does anything surprise you? It is what you would have guessed?

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Great Cartoons from

Hugh Macleod at sees learning the way we do at College Unbound.  Today’s cartoon says it perfectly. Check out his work sometime.    

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Technology and the Future(s) of the University

Following up on yesterday’s video about 21st century education, this article shows how Georgetown University is embracing the inevitable changes that technology is bringing to the classroom. Check it out!

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Video: What is 21st Century Education?

This quick video shows how our world has vastly changed, and what that means for the future of education. Check it out!

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Who Should Decide Who is College Material and Who Isn’t?

While college is not for everyone, the opportunity should be. This article discuses who should and shouldn’t decide students’ college-bound fate, and the issues associated with structures that do so. Read the article.

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Competency as One Answer

When it comes to higher education, certain aspects are widely agreed upon. For example, while a degree increases job prospects, it has also become less accessible. On the other hand, there are disputes over how to resolve the issues. How can we address the issues? Many believe that competency-based education is an important part of […]

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